Mervin's Hunting Adventure!

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    That sounds like an exciting trip! I'm sorry I can't help you find a place to hunt in Florida, but I can help you research public land in the area. I recommend checking out the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's website for information on public hunting areas. Good luck on your hunt! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    Wish I could help with places in Florida… even have family there … they don’t hunt 😳. Anyway you’ll do well. Va boys always do 😎

  • Michael's avatar

    What WMA did you draw the quota for? I can help y’all out with this

  • Mervin's avatar

    Jennings WMA. We are not afraid of traveling if the spot has some birds.

  • Mervin's avatar

    @Michael Jennings WMA. We are not afraid of driving for a good spot to hunt.

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    @Michael I’ve never hunted Jennings before but I do have a lease a county or two north of here. My advice would be check the wmd brochure and find a road that leads to a creek or small river. Looks like there’s a few in Jennings. Probably part of the St. John’s river basin. Find a good thick oak hammock on the edge of some pines close to the waters edge and hunt that!! Good bet birds will be around!!

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    @Mervin this is a good spot to start

  • Mervin's avatar

    @Michael thanks. We have hunted Jennings twice in past years and pretty much have it figured out. What we are looking for is a spot in Florida to hunt between Jennings and Alabama opining day.

  • Michael's avatar

    @Mervin oh ok I got ya. St. Marks ain’t too bad! Or Aucilla! But bring a canoe or kayaks to Aucilla. Monster birds in there!

  • Mervin's avatar

    Thanks I did a little check on Aucilla. Looks interesting. Not sure how it will work for us. We are a couple old men use to hunting the mountains of Virginia so kayaking isn’t in our normal hunting style. I definitely am going to try and get some more information on ways of access.

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Mervin H


I am a life long hunter and fisherman . My biggest passion is whitetail and turkey hunting.

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