Mervin's Aging Journey

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Whitetail Buck

  • muzzleloader
  • 225 lbs
  • 6
    antler tines
  • private
    land type
  • 50
    distance (yards)
  • Roy's avatar

    That's a stud of a 6 point, congrats

  • Mervin's avatar

    @Roy thank you sir.

  • John's avatar

    What an awesome unique buck! Congrats on the cool kill 👊

  • Mervin's avatar

    @John thanks buddy.

  • Jeff's avatar

    Very cool buck, congrats

  • Rob's avatar

    Very cool rack and what an accomplishment. Doesn’t matter how many points they carry, when a buck gets past 2.5 years old you start playing chess.

  • Robert's avatar

    Congratulations! The uniqueness of that rack is awesome

  • Mervin's avatar

    @Jeff thanks

  • Mervin's avatar

    @Rob my goat is mature deer and I am positive he is. Thanks

  • Dan's avatar

    Wow !

  • Lisa's avatar

    It has to feel excellent with such a history with him! Hopefully you write up a story, with photo collage, frame it right beside him hanging on the wall. Congrats Mervin!!

  • Chuck's avatar

    Great deer, so much character.

  • Mervin's avatar

    @Lisa unfortunately writing is one of my weakness. And would definitely not be able to do that. My late father kept a log of all his and my hunting and outdoor adventures. Thanks for the kind words.

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Mervin 😔 Be nice to find someone that can write it for you, as you share your story. I've seen so many beautiful mounts go thru ebay (people selling someone else's that they inherited). Just nice to have the story. Anyway, it was a good 3 years for ya, and that counts big time, with a beautiful ending🤜🏻🤛🏻

  • Kyle's avatar

    That's a really cool deer, very unique. Good job!

  • Harold's avatar

    Great buck! There’s just something cool about those big 6 pointers!

  • Mervin's avatar

    Just found this picture of him. Really shows how mature he is.

  • Mervin's avatar

    @Caleb Catalfu thank you Sir

  • Mervin's avatar

    @Harold absolutely I have much bigger deer on this farm but I decided if I saw him this year he was done.

  • Mervin's avatar

    @Kyle thanks

  • Mervin's avatar

    @Kyle thanks

  • Billy's avatar


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Mervin H


I am a life long hunter and fisherman . My biggest passion is whitetail and turkey hunting.

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