Memorable Spring Fishing Trip: Landed a 4lb 7oz Crappie with Friends

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  • Adam D's avatar

    Day what a crappie!

  • Justin's avatar

    Awesome fish babe, proud of you and this catch!

  • Frank's avatar

    Congratulations! That’s a great fish.

  • Wayne's avatar

    Indiana bones over in corydon is pretty slick. I ain't sure if he does fish but he could probably get you in contact with someone who can.

  • Wayne's avatar

    What lake did that thing come out of? Patoka?

  • Chandra's avatar

    @Wayne thank you

  • Chandra's avatar

    @Wayne private lake in Ky

  • Wayne's avatar

    @Chandra oh ok, I was going to be very surprised if that came out of one of the public lakes here in indiana.

  • Wayne's avatar

    @Chandra Forgive me, I don't even think I told you congratulations on that amazing fish though.

  • Chandra's avatar

    @Wayne thank you!!!

  • Mike's avatar

    Congrats! I’ll bet that hog took you for a ride!

  • Chandra's avatar

    @Mike it was awesome!!

  • Donovan's avatar

    Nice work, sis!

  • Ed's avatar

    Lord gotta be a record somewhere !

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Chandra C


Love the outdoors! Love camping, boating, kayaking. Anything outdoors to spend time with my family.

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