May Turkey Hunting: Do You Still Have a Tag? Check Out Our Latest Video!

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  • Michael's avatar

    I do unfortunately it's been a rough one in ky due to weather and I have blew I few chances

  • We got ours but my son still has his.

  • Brian's avatar

    I’m still holding one.

  • Mike's avatar

    Still holding two. Haven’t had a chance to hit the turkey woods yet.

  • Jase's avatar

    I do… same one I’ve had since 16…. 😂😢

  • Mervin's avatar

    I ate my Florida tag. Filled my Ohio tag. I’ve been holding out on my final Virginia tag so I can hunt when I can’t find someone to go with me. Just got my New York tags in the mail yesterday I will head north in a week to work on filing them.

  • Joshua's avatar

    Still got mine

  • Bryan's avatar

    I'm tagged out here, only allowed one tom this year.

  • Michael's avatar

    I filled mine opening MD day.

  • Wes's avatar

    Got mine today. Spot n stalk wearing my THP hat!

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