Maxing Out at 800 Yards: Testing the Custom MAD Knob on my 7mm

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    @Stephen I’m hoping it’s a little low on those yardages when I test it. It’s set for 7500 foot elevation and I’ll be shooting it first at 600. Thinner air out west should reduce drop. We’ll see!

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    Looking forward to that range report, bro!

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    @Gobbler I can’t wait for a good day to hammer. We leave one month from today!

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    You’ll love that. I have my 7mag set up like that with 168 gr Sierra Matchking bullets.

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    @Dallas next time, I’d like to see your loading setup. This knob was a matter of convenience since the ammo is likely to be around for awhile. They stopped making my favorite western load years ago, (Winchester fail safe). I load shotgun and handgun, but don’t have rifle dies yet. I’d like to find a recipe that I can settle into long term. These knobs are cheap enough for what they do.

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    @Mike sorry I’ve been gone on vacation. Did some fly fishing in Colorado. I kind of put social media on the back burner. I killed my first bull elk in Colorado with failsafe ammo. Good stuff. Some people are critical when they learn I hunt with match bullets but I’ve killed elk at 480 yds and 40 yds with my load

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    @Dallas hope you enjoyed some well deserved time away! I’m a big believer in bullet placement over strict design. I’d like to load for consistency and barrel match that doesn’t rely on a manufacturer. My farthest bull was 200 yds and my closest whitetail was in Ontario at 10 yds. Neither went more than 25 yds. I actually still have a box of fail safes, but when I switched scopes I didn’t want to risk sighting in and only having a few left for next month. Someday, maybe I’ll find a great recipe

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