Mastering Turkey Calls from a Preset Blind: Tips for a Successful Hunt

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    I usually let out a few yelps every 15-30 minutes just enough to let them know your there nothing aggressive. Unless you get one that’s fired up close then change up as needed. I’ve had a lot of success doing it that way a lot of them will slip in and not make a sound at all. Good luck

  • Brian's avatar

    Just let ‘em know you are there. Hit em before they fly down. If they hen up early, they may come looking for the hens (you) later. Worked for my son this weekend.

  • Phil's avatar

    Thanks guys.

  • Adam D's avatar

    What's your setup? Are you close to roost trees? In the middle of a farm? What I would do would be entirely dependent on the setup.

  • Phil's avatar

    @Adam from what we have seen and heard we will be very close to roost trees. But, we could also be a ways off of them too. Our setup up is on corner of a wheat field and an easement that comes through timber. The reason we did that is because we can set decoys in the corner so they can be seen down the easement which is a huge trac corridor but also can be seen by some roost trees we have found.

  • Adam D's avatar

    @Phil well with that in mind I would probably do a few soft tree yelps before fly down light, then after fly down light I would do a fly down sound with a hat or something followed by a few light yelps and then I would just cluck and purr and scratch around in the leaves

  • Phil's avatar

    @Adam sounds like a good plan to me. Thanks for the i put

  • Dave's avatar

    Check your state hunting laws before shooting off the roost. It’s illegal in Ohio

  • Phil's avatar

    @Dave not sure of laws here in Indiana but regardless I couldn’t imagine being that unethical to even consider it

  • Dave's avatar

    @Phil that’s how I feel about it also

  • Hayes's avatar

    I usally gobble and hoot in the early morning hours and then listen then out call again but make sure the second one is hen then a Tom it will make the other Tom’s come investigate

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