Mastering the Perfect Shot: 148 Steps to a Clean Kill

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  • rifle
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  • 148
    distance (yards)
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    Heck of a shot!!!

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    I like trying to call them in close.

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    @Coyote me to but he wouldn’t come any further

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    My furthest that wasn’t going to take 1 step closer is 143 yards. My closest is 15 steps. During daylight. I’m not set up to hjnt the light yet. I need to get a light and enough batteries to make it for hours in the dark.

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    @Coyote my closest so far had burn marks on it from the powder burn when the rifle went off. My farthest was 160 these are daylight. At night I gotta take what I can get so as to not educate any more but I’d hunt them 24-7 if I didn’t have to work or sleep.

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    Field mouse squeaks has been a great coaxer for me the last couple years when they hang up. Nice shooting

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Leith B


Hunt predators, deer, and enjoy being outdoors. I’m a lineman by trade. AKA : BigFoot

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