Mastering the Art of Bowhunting: My Experience with a New Blind and the Challenges of Shooting from a Fold-Up Chair

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hunting2H 50M
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    You’ll enjoy it! I think they’re another nice tool to have in your hunting toolbox. Great for bad weather, taking kids or a buddy out & even for an observation spot to see how you can maybe close the gap on a deer that you’re really wanting to kill. Good luck this fall Milan 👊

  • Milan's avatar

    Thanks John, you as well!

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    Blinds are definitely a great tool. Especially when a tree isn’t an option. Make sure you position yourself in the chair so you sitting at the same angle to your target as you would be if you were standing. Takes a little getting used to but I’m sure you’ll get it. Are you running some type of anti fog on your glasses? If I pull my face mask up like that I can’t see a thing within 2 breathes.

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    @Kenny Yes

  • Jess's avatar

    Good luck @milanlawrence. You still up around Mary's Peak.

  • Milan's avatar

    No Jess, I just wonder what it would be like to spend couple of days camping and hunting there.

  • Milan's avatar

    Sent then I have been moving around to different areas.

  • David's avatar

    Practice, practice, practice. Whatever it takes to get there.

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Milan L


I love God with all my heart and soul, I have a Beautiful Wife who is my soul mate and also gave me two handsome sons. I love Fishing, Deer hunting, Rabbit hunting, Squares hunting, Hiking , Camping.

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