Mastering Swim Jigs: Versatile Baits for Catching Ditch Pickles

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    I’ve not had much luck here in Georgia with that kind of set up, but when I lived in Florida? Jigs are hog killers. Setup with a trailer hook and grub, just a wicked setup. I’ve even used that kind of rig in the backwaters around Marathon key. Definitely agree it’s a very versatile setup. 👍👍

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    Only time I like a swim jig is during spawn to mimic a bluegill, then again I like craws, big worms, cranks and spinner baits and that's about it 😂

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    Love them

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    Man I will say, while you don't get a ton of bites on a jig, they are usually the ones you want to get in the boat lol
    I've had some bigs chew on a bluegill swimjig.

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    @Kyler you are 100% correct, I, however, would rather go through 100 tiny fish with the chance of a good one than a few good ones that take 8+hrs lol

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    I love using the Vile Craw and Vile Bug from our shop on a 1/8 jig head. Perfect combo for the Hennepin Canal I fish in a lot. There's days they in some sections they'll just tear them up!

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    @David there ya go! So a great bed fishing technique is using those same baits on a small shakeyhead! They can't stand it lol

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    @Kyler one technique I've come up with is to stand at the end of the old lock, cast it out, and walk along the wall dragging it along while twitching the rod tip up occasionally or to hop it over the bottom. When I get to the end I'll jig it up and down as I'm slowly retrieving. This works great for wallies too.

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