Mastering Perfect Broadhead Flight: Getting Ready for Deer Season

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    What broadheads are you using? Paper tuned?

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    @Tom these are the broadheads I use. And I use heavy arrows with high FOC. My process for perfect arrow flight is getting the arrows built with the weight I want. Then I shoot them all without fletching (Bareshaft) from about 15 yards and get each arrow to fly perfect and hit the target like a dart. I do this by spinning the nock 1/8 turn until it shoots perfect. This is called nock tuning and does basically the same as a paper tune, but more precise for each arrow. If you can’t get them to shoot perfect, the bow is out of tune. Once all 12 arrows are shooting perfect, I fletch the arrows up and then I’m good to go with whatever broadhead I might want to throw on there. As long as it’s 200 grains to keep my setup consistent. It takes some time, but it’s totally worth it to have the confidence in the woods.

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    @Steve thank you so much for the information. I’ll never stop learning as a bow hunter. I have a compound and a crossbow and I want to be as efficient as possible with both.

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Steve S


I’m “Modern MI Bowhunter” on YouTube. Please subscribe for awesome weekly hunting content! I love Archery. I’ve been hunting in Michigan my whole life. I hunt both Public and Private land by permission.

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