Mastering Den Season: How to Use Pup Sounds to Attract Prey

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    Hell yeah Brother!!!!

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    I don’t hunt coyotes during family time. I don’t want to be the reason pups die cause I killed mom or dad.

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    @Coyote I would do the same if I wasn’t in the Buisness for management. It’s a year around gig for me. Cattlemen’s association allowed me to have thousands of acres to take care of. This particular one was a chicken killer.

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    @O2 almost time to crack some thunder chickens.

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    doesn't matter what time you kill em... another one will move in and have an even bigger litter. management is a thin line between doing what you feel is right and trying to play God. good on ya for getting paid for it in my opinion. I cut trees down and spray a lot of herbicide for a living trying to make a positive impact. I don't feel there's much of a difference. Nice kill and the footage is freakin awesome!!

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    @Lance you do what you got to do. If I was in the management game I would do the same. I just do it cause I want to so I can stop.

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Lance C


When I’m not with my wife Lindsey and two sons Luke and Lane, there is a good chance I’m on the pipeline or enjoying outdoors. I’m a Run n Gun Mobile bow Hunter. Love to hunt coyotes. Turn Rocks Arrowhead Adventures on YouTube in spare time.

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