Yote Hunting Success with 5.56 DPMS

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  • rifle
  • 45 lbs
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    land type
  • 70
    distance (yards)
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    @Tom thanks man biggest one to date and this is what he ran off well one of two bucks and 3 does . I’ve got this 7pt on game cam for 3yrs . He stayed the same but almost doubled mass from bass to his tips . I didn’t shoot the coyote right off . He was the biggest out of 5 than came slipping in behind me . The seven bedded down and I didn’t have a shot even 30ft up a pine

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    Great job brother. One less fawn / turkey killer.

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    @Mervin that makes 4 this year . And I took the 22 A-bolt and put a hurt on the raccoon population and I will continue to do so! All 10 game cams I’ve got out in a week to 2 weeks span I will have easily 12 to 30 raccoons feeding with the deer . Last year I got a few on game cam and seen maybe a 12 all season. And now they have took over the hole property!

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Mark C


Prostaff/fieldstaff TEAM TREEZYN. if you feel a comfort of ZYN when you are in the woods you might as well wear it feel the ZYN of TreeZyn Avid Whitetail and Turkey hunter. Rabbit Dove and quail hunt and fish for crappie and large mouth Bass when I can. Working on my property. Just love the outdoors

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