Hunting: A Lifestyle of Compassion

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  • Brian's avatar

    Fight the good fight. Are there any organizations that are protecting hunting/conservation like we have in the states? If not maybe you could start that type of movement.

  • Mandy's avatar

    BCWF started an email petition to the elected officials, lots of emails sent. I sent my own personalized letters in the mail. 1Campfire org should be starting its campaign soon.

  • John's avatar

    Keep up the good work! You are definitely right, folks aren’t educated when it comes to the hunting world. I hope that y’all can all rally together and help save the sport that we all love and cherish in BC!

  • Travis's avatar

    Good post and well said!

  • Tom's avatar

    So true. I hope your words find those that still have the ability to reason.

  • Dan's avatar

    Well said!!

  • John's avatar

    My girlfriend is an NP and she loves going hunting.

  • Alan's avatar

    Awesome post young lady, you are so right!

  • p's avatar

    Hunters are under attack because of miss leading information put out by the uneducated media. I hunt to feed my family and will do so till I die. What you do for your family is great and your service in the medical field is awesome. It takes a special person to care for others. Good luck and keep going strong.

  • Kristopher's avatar

    Keep grinding! That’s why I love this app after only 24 hours, no censorship of ethical conservation. And I agree, a healthy respectable conversation can change a lot of minds but sometimes, people’s minds can’t be changed. But it may develop a level of respect and understanding.

  • Andres's avatar

    Love hearing this💪

  • Brian's avatar

    @Chris we need a share button to send posts like this across the globe.

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Mandy S

British Columbia

Hardworking RN that loves hunting, fishing, fitness and getting outside. Rockstarletteoutdoors field staff, code mandy10 for discount. Instagram: @hunter_angler_nurse,

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