Making the Switch to American Made Hunting Clothes: FORLOH, Go Wild Camo, and Crye Precision

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    You might look at Origin clothing out of Maine. I don’t have any experience with them, their prices are relatively steep and I personally am not a fan of the patterns (not dogging on them, just doesn’t appeal to me personally), but I know that part of that price and a huge point of their gear lines and company as a whole is that every aspect of it is from the USA.

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    100% origin USA

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    Definitely rooting for Origin to succeed.

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    @Brayden I am as well. I feel a little bad about my wording earlier. Their prices are well in line with First Lite, Kuiu, Sitka, etc. I like their company and that everything is USA sourced and made. Having Jocko behind them also helps. I just wish they’d develop a pattern that wasn’t so “swirly tiger stripe” as one of my friends put it. Still though, after listening to a few podcasts with in-depth discussions about patterns not really mattering, maybe I need to get over it and support a company I like the premise of.

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    @Eric eh I think what you said was fair. I know your intent wasn’t to be negative. I honestly agree with you about the pattern. Not my favorite I’ve seen and I don’t own any articles of camo clothing that are as expensive as their stuff. That’s why for me, all I can do is say I like them a lot and tell folks I’m rooting for them haha. I would imagine that as they scale they’ll gain some efficiencies and introduce some more articles of clothing for the price sensitive folks.

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    @Eric the inspiration for the pattern was for special forces and seals in Vietnam. It’s got a really cool backstory which jocko covers on his podcasts. But I agree it’s not for everyone. That being said, I do my very best to support jocko and origin USA . Quality product, all sourced in us and built in us. Can’t ask for more than that.

  • Brad's avatar

    Thanks for the info guys, I’ll check Origins out as well.

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    Origin and forloh. I remember the camo matrix on YouTube tested 2 or 3 different USA made companies

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