Making Delicious Black Raspberry Jam with the LEM Big Bite Juicer and Home Grown Honey

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cooking & smoking BBQ5H 15M
  • Lisa's avatar

    Sounds incredible! Great job you two

  • Joe's avatar

    Sounds great ! 👍

  • Tyler's avatar

    That’s awesome!!

  • Tom's avatar

    @Joe the wild black raspberries were a bumper crop this year.

  • Tom's avatar

    @Tyler always nice to use ingredients from nature.

  • Joe's avatar

    @Tom my dad has black berries also but there going to be a bit yet . His plants are full also . I can’t wait … one of my favourite berries to eat next to raspberries 👌

  • Ferg's avatar

    Outstanding. Am all natural product 😎

  • Chuck's avatar

    Need my address?

  • Tom's avatar

    @Ferg can’t beat it.

  • Tom's avatar

    @Chuck package is in the mail. 😜 hopefully the postman doesn’t eat it.

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Tom 😂

  • David's avatar

    Black raspberry and honey jam. That would last me about a week and a half! 😋😋

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Tom D


First big game hunt was woodland caribou and a cow moose in Newfoundland at the age of 41. My son has been raised to respect and appreciate the hunting lifestyle. Cooking game has been the frosting on the hunting cake.

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