Maggie's Impressive Coon Hunt: Chasing 120 Yards and Almost Catching It!

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    Ahhhh the dreaded hole. I had to dig one out a few months back and it ruined the night.

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    @Dan Yeah I always call her off a hole, I don’t like holes lol.

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    @Stephen I had a hole issue in the world hunt that cost me dearly and with my pup a few months back she was small enough to be up under some riprap where a field drains almost 30 ft in and we had a hell of a time getting her out because she wasn’t coming out on her own.

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    @Dan Oh man that sucks, glad you got her out, we were pleasure hunting one night and my Buddy had a little Walker female, I didn’t have a Dog at that time but we lost communication with her on the Garmin so we started walking in the direction of the last communication and we heard and could tell she was in the ground, we just barely could hear her, we found a hole and it sounded like she was way back in the hole, we were shining in the hole and calling her and all of sudden she popped out of another hole right behind us lol. We were almost in panic mode.

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