Maggie's Close Call

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    @Stephen she is a smart girl. My chocolate lab fought 2 coyotes 2yrs ago . We was tracking a buck that had been hit low and the guy that shot pushed the buck 400yrds and SkiBo by just luck got wind of him and got ahead of us which was the 1st and last time I took the lead line off of him but anyway we had to backtrack cause of a big creek and thicket I heard the coyotes open up we hauled ass to them the hole Time hearing growling and yeps I shot one tuning at me and then I seen he had the other on pinned . Was the 1st and hopefully last dog fight he was in. He didn’t need stitches but he looked freaked out considering he ripped out the throat of the 2nd on it wasn’t fun !

  • Stephen 🦌🦝's avatar

    @Mark Yeah I absolutely hate Coyotes, I had a Pitbull that got in a fight with a pack of Coyotes, I didn’t know what happened till the next day, I was at work and he was a inside Dog but my Mom let him out and he came back home hurt, I had to come home and get him and my Vet met me at her clinic at 10:00pm that night, she kept him over night and patched him up. he got a hernia from the fight on the right side of his anus and where the hernia was located they were afraid to try to do surgery because there’s so many nerve endings there. He did fine for nearly 5 years and I let him out one night and while he was out the hernia ruptured and he died, he was fixing to be 10 years old, absolutely broke my heart, I miss him dearly and he’s been gone for about 4 years now. My Uncle that lives beside me heard the fight and drove across the field but he never saw my Dog, I guess when he drove out there the Coyotes ran and Max my Dog ran home but he told me the next day, I had no clue what Max had been fighting with.

  • Stephen 🦌🦝's avatar

    @Mark If you run a Garmin on your Lab and you hear Coyotes turn on the collar lights to blink fast, they say that Coyotes will run from blinking lights, every time I hear them when we are hunting I turn Maggie’s collar lights on fast blink and I will call her and tone her, the other night when I took that picture she came back to me before I had time to call her back lol. I don’t take any chances when it comes to Coyotes. One Coyote will attack from the front and the others will attack from behind, they try to tear the guts out, that’s what happened to Max my Pitbull but he must’ve of held his own pretty good, most of his wounds were on his back legs and underneath on his belly and inside his back legs, he had a few wounds on his head ears and neck but the worst of the wounds was on his backside.

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    I'm so glad she returned quickly. but Max 💔.

    Mark's "Skybo" encountered was scary.

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    @Stephen they will I run a Garmin and it works

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