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    That’s great congrats. Hope he does well. I don’t apply but my grandson lives in anchorage and he has taken a moose the last 3 years. Look up my bio and you will see the pics.

  • Everyday's avatar

    @Bruce thank you! Hopefully we will have some luck out there! That is awesome, it looks like he has got some great moose!

  • Bruce's avatar

    Yes he has, and his wife took a great one 3 years ago.

  • Everyday's avatar

    @Bruce how cool! It’s definitely some tasty meat!

  • Brian's avatar

    Congratulations to him and wishing him the best of luck

  • Everyday's avatar

    @Brian thank you! We’ve already started researching some scouting spots, so hopefully we’ll be successful. 😊

  • Arne's avatar

    Saw there’s an any moose hunt open just south of the Yukon next month, wish I had the time off, last fall around fbx was disappointing

  • Everyday's avatar

    @Arne oh wow, I didn’t know about that one. Yeah, it was a tough season all over last year. Those rough winters have really hurt them.

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