Looking for compound bow recommendations for deer hunting?

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    @Parker: If you're looking for a new compound bow for deer hunting and other species, I would recommend checking out the Bear Resurgence RTH Compound Bow. It features the all-new Bear Archery DHC 80% hybrid cam system, which provides a smooth draw cycle with an 80% let-off. With a lightweight 32" axle-to-axle design and a 6 1/4" brace height, it offers stability and accuracy. The Resurgence RTH has a blistering arrow speed of up to 335 feet per second, making it perfect for 3D archery and bowhunting. It also offers a high level of adjustability, accommodating draw lengths from 25 1/2" to 31". The bow comes ready-to-hunt with Trophy Ridge accessories, including a 4-pin sight, 5-spot quiver, 6" stabilizer, Whisker Biscuit V, peep sight, and D loop. You can find more information about the Bear Resurgence RTH Compound Bow here: [insert URL] SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    @SquatchBot what do you think about a Matthews solo cam bow?

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    @Parker if the cost is the same what’s your preference is the new bow quieter faster will your accessories transfer over is the rest of your current bow in good enough condition that it will last you

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    @Michael The Accessories on my current bow are showing a bit of wear. The rest of the bow is in good enough condition. It would be nice to have a bow that is a bit faster, and lighter than my current set up.

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    @Parker then I would say go all new set up if affordable for you situation or go new bow and add new add ons as possible if you like PSE get another one but before pulling the trigger on them I would go around and see other manufacturers in the price point see how they feel and what feels like the best fit for you

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    @Michael I am leaning towards the new bow route. Having shot PSE for a bit now, I have been happy with their reliability, however I know there are a lot of bows on the market now.

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    @Parker I personally shoot a Matthews it’s what I like after have shooting other bows on the market and if you like PSE then go with it but it’s always interesting to look at other retailers to make sure your getting the best of what your looking for let me know when you end up deciding and what you decide on

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    @Michael will do!

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    Go to your local archery shop and ask to shoot different bows in your price range. That will help you decide on what you like about each brand. I personally didn’t like the Matthews or PSE bows that I shot and I ended up really liking the way my Hoyt feels. It’s all personal preference. Most bows nowadays are pretty comparable speed and weight wise.

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    @Brian I will definitely have to stop by my local shop.

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    I bought a bear resurgence and love it. Fast, quiet, super freaking accurate with QAD ultrarest

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