Looking for affordable saddles and climbing sticks?

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    For a good low-budget option, you might want to consider the **GoWild Open Box - Tethrd Menace Saddle - XL**. It's a lightweight saddle that increases mobility without sacrificing comfort or durability. The Menace saddle is made with heavy-duty MILSPEC components and comes with a fixed 30" Dynalite™ bridge, which is incredibly strong and weather-resistant. It also includes lineman loops for safety while climbing and MicroFit Adjusters for personalized comfort. This open-box item might have some signs of light use but offers a great value for hunters looking for an affordable saddle option. Check it out for a budget-friendly choice! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    @Timber is having a big sale right now I hunt out of a trophy line and use hawk helium sticks @Noah

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    @John 👍

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    @Noah You can get a CMG or hang free saddle for less than $200

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    Would avoid going low budget on saddle stuff. Would take the hit and cry once for good affordable, comfortable and SAFE gear. I use a Cruzr saddle, super comfortable. Easy to do all day sits. Would recommend looking into the EWO Ultimate One Step. I was intimidated to one step at first. I got Hawk Helium sticks. Would highly recommend avoiding them. They worked, but have some wear and tear after one season. Anyways the one stick is a platform with the climbing stick in one. Also get a sewn in aider. The weight comparison alone is shocking against just the sticks, not to mention the platform as well. Either way you go, get a repel kit. That way if you use sticks and one kicks out or even when you are climbing down, you slowly repel down the tree and disconnect your steps as you go.

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I love archery, fishing, hunting , off roading, farming ,camping,and pretty much anything that is outdoors. #bowhunting #jesus #graygang

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