Long-Lasting Trail Cameras

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  • Jackson's avatar

    Muddy trail cams are pretty good

  • Craig's avatar

    So I leave my cameras up tear round and the best cameras that I have found is a trail camera called apeman I had found it for 40$ on Amazon 4-5 years ago and haven’t had a problem with it can’t find them on Amazon any more but you can get on the apeman website and get them for still under 50$

  • Craig's avatar

    @Craig another plus about the camera is the little screen it has . Plus I use video all the time and only have to change batteries ever 2-3 months depending on how cold or hot it gets

  • Craig's avatar

    @Craig another plus about this camera is the little screen and it’s pretty good on battery life as well unless it gets really cold or hot I can usually get 2-4 months of battery life

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  • Amazon has a lot of options at a good price. Muddy trail cameras have some good package deals. I have 5 stealth cams and love them.

  • https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/muddy-14mp-trail-cameras-4-pack?a=2266620

  • https://youtu.be/Mcv9i3Ic75E

  • Eric's avatar

    What Spypoint cameras have you used? I’ve had two of my link-micro-lte-v models out for almost a year and a half straight at this point. Not being argumentative, just curious.

  • Mason's avatar

    Browning cameras 👍

  • Tony's avatar

    I’ve used wildgame innovations for the last 7 years and they’ve worked flawlessly.

  • Craig's avatar

    I use Tasco they are cheap and work well for me.

  • Steven's avatar

    I used a moultree did great for me last year. Trying out the spypoint this year

  • David's avatar

    I've had pretty good luck with the Browning cameras.

  • Weston's avatar

    Tactacam is really good we use those

  • Wade's avatar

    Muddy has some good ones that are not cellular. I have 3 and just went through the 3rd season without any trouble. They stayed in wood’s from august till February no problems. Replaced batteries 3 times

  • Mark's avatar

    I’ve 8 Muddy. 3- cell and 5- SD. Going on yr 3 with no issues with any of them.

  • Kason's avatar

    You can try the real tree cams

  • Brian's avatar

    I’ve always had good luck with Moultrie. If you can find them on sale for good price grab a few

  • Everyday's avatar

    Muddy, Browning, and Bushnell have worked well for us.

  • Hubert's avatar

    I've had pretty good luck with Stealth Cam, but it doesn't get super cold here in North Central Louisiana.
    My son works for Tactacam and says they get real good reviews.
    I'll be trying them myself for any new purchases.
    You can reach out to him on GoWild @Clint

  • A's avatar

    @Eric honestly, I don’t know. I actually won them in a give-away

  • Eric's avatar

    @A fair enough, was just curious. Whatever you end up using, good luck!

  • Weston's avatar

    We have tactacam and we never had any problems with them...they take awesome pictures as well

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