Lessons Learned: The Importance of Practice for a Successful Turkey Hunt

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    @Amy Amen to that! First time out I ended up shooting uphill and hit his foot lol. I practice from all over the yard now. Up, down, behind things and anywhere to give me the advantage back. I found that alone slows the heart rate.... preparedness. Congrats on your bird!

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    @Kevin yes!! I plan on starting to do the same(((: Thank you so much !

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    I love shooting from all over the yard. I place my deer target behind trees and shoot off the roof. All angles possible! Great shooting Amy!

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    @C Definitely will start doing that! Thank you

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    @Amy I even shoot from tree stand in yard. .front back sides etc at different ranges

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    @Darrell that's awesome & I'm sure very effective! I've done that once but unfortunately do not personally own a tree stand . Thanks for sharing, pls feel free on any other suggestions that may help me improve on bow hunting skills!!

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    Settled down you did and took control of situation

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    Nice grouping

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Amy T


Christian, boy mom & vet tech who loves hunting (preferably bowhunting) fishing & camping! 🏹🦌🐗🦃🎣

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