Lessons Learned: Choosing Kindness and Prioritizing the Outdoors

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    Great picture, Beautiful dog!!

  • Brittney Spaniel 😍😍

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    What an outlook to have, especially these days! When too many people choose to be angry and callous, it makes it seem hard, almost wrong to choose kindness and positivity. I’m glad that though life has hit you with a few hard shots that you’re not folding. I am sorry to be cliche, but your post makes me think of a much better articulation of Rocky Balboa giving his son the “it ain’t how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” speech. I obviously don’t know you or the situation beyond the descriptors here, but hopefully that choice to input positivity into the world comes full circle and rewards you. Hopefully your post is a bit of inspiration to people who life is hitting hard as well. In any case, best of luck and I hope things pick up for you!

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    “Dogs over people” 100%

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