Left-Handed Compound Bow Hunting: Tips and Suggestions for Beginners

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    Practice practice practice. I would only shoot like 5 arrows at once otherwise you’ll tire out and lose arrows and shoot terrible. I only took one arrow out every time I’d practice so if I missed the target I would have to go find it. I always shot 5 times with one arrow every morning and night and once you get 20 yds down then look up your poundage on the Internet to see about how far down the rest of the pins should be. Just a tip to save arrows. Also if broad heads say they are target friendly don’t try it your broad head will get stuck in the target

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    My wife is a lefty and shoots the G5. It’s pretty nice because you can turn up the draw weight all on your own as you build your strength up.

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    Any Elite

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    @Michael that sounds like a great feature! I appreciate the recommendation

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    I do love and miss hunting with my compound, but my shoulders are not what they used to be so it’s crossbow for me now. However since I’ve found the crossbow a whole lot more accurate with less errors on my part, I consider it respectful to the animal to use the crossbow over the compound. Even if my shoulders heal to 100 percent I think I might save compound for target shooting. However the newer compounds may be a lot smoother and higher fps with flatter trajectories than I used.

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Lauren M


Alabama gal that loves all things outdoors. New to bow hunting, and loving every minute. I also fish and go foraging in the woods. Raising my minis to do the same ❤️

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