Learning from Mistakes: My First Buck and Lessons for Next Season

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Whitetail Buck

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  • Brad's avatar

    Congratulations! You season echoes mine a lot. It’s not always about the trophy but the experience and the reward. Learn from your season and put it to use next year. 👊🏻

  • Jeffrey's avatar

    Congratulations 👍

  • Jim's avatar

    congratulations 👏 👏

  • Joshua's avatar

    Great story and congratulations on the first buck!!👍

  • O2's avatar


  • Brad's avatar

    I’m so proud of you. You really pieced it together this year and have learned a ton. You’re getting better a lot faster than I did. I had to go make a whole app so @Mike could tell me what to do 😂

  • Tom's avatar


  • Zach's avatar


  • GoWild's avatar

    Congrats Arica! 👊

  • Tom's avatar

    Way to go. Love reading these stories of success. You rock.

  • Brandon's avatar

    Congratulations! Well deserved

  • Nicholas's avatar

    Congrats, listening forward to the story! Keep practicing with your bow, you’ll get it done!

  • Wes's avatar

    That’s awesome Arica! It’s been a blast to follow your progress on the Uncensored Podcast. I’m looking forward to the finale!!!

  • Robert's avatar

    Awesome congrats.....it's almost more satisfying when you put that much effort in and it eventually pays off!!! way to go.

  • Mike's avatar

    Congrats Arica!👊 that’s a huge milestone and one that’ll open the floodgates in knowledge and success!

  • Arica's avatar

    @Brad definitely!

  • Arica's avatar

    @Joshua thank you!!

  • Arica's avatar

    @O2 thank you guys! And congrats to y’all as well.

  • Arica's avatar

    @Brad basically @Mike is the godfather of whitetail.

  • Arica's avatar

    @Tom thank you! Couldn’t have done it without people on here helping me price it together and giving me hope and guidance.

  • Arica's avatar

    @Wes thank you! The trials and tribulations of uncensored is basically a therapy session for me 😂

  • Mike's avatar

    @Brad ha! Just a place for “more experienced” hunters to put down the useful tidbits we’ve sorted out of the fluff. You’re team absolutely put on a clinic this year💪👊

  • Arica's avatar

    @Mike @Brad after last years performance I can’t believe we all showed up like we did.

  • Mike's avatar


  • Brad's avatar

    @Arica @Mike

  • Mike's avatar

    @Arica from toothpicks to redwoods…..

  • Brad's avatar

    @Mike 😂

  • David's avatar

    All that hard work finally paid off. Congratulations!🦌👍👊

  • JT's avatar


  • Arica's avatar

    @David thank you!

  • Bo's avatar

    congratulations on a great Deer and congrats on learning alot about not just hunting but woodsmanship and patience and all the the things that come with that as well as even more respect for things you never knew about before.... life's a journey you just have to decide to ride

  • Arica's avatar

    @Bo that’s a great analogy!

  • Cody's avatar

    That's awesome! Congrats!

  • Jacob's avatar

    Woo woo! Nice work this season!

  • David's avatar

    Heck yeah! congrats on your first buck that's awesome! keep after em and good luck!

  • Tyler's avatar

    Nice job congratulations 💪💪

  • Brian's avatar

    I could not be any happier for you on your first buck, congratulations. I am sure all the experience you learned will come into play next time and you won't get so discouraged. Again, congratulations on a nice buck.

  • Arica's avatar

    @Dave Henson @David @Tyler thank you guys!! 😊

  • Arica's avatar

    @Brian awww thank you. Your words mean a lot. I was super frustrated but looking back it made me learn a lot.

  • Tiffiny's avatar

    Yay!!!! This is awesome ❤️

  • Eddie's avatar

    Awesome story and you overcome all the adversities to get the job done but don’t think the squirrel’s are cut you any slack next season either 🤣 congratulations !

  • Fit To's avatar

    Congratulations my friend!

  • Karen's avatar

    Congratulations!! That’s awesome 💜

  • Amy's avatar

    So awesome!! Congrats gurl!!

  • Darrell's avatar

    Awesome hunt. Never give up 🦌

  • Larry's avatar

    Very nice, Arica! Sometimes things take longer than you would hope but you have a great buck and great memories. Congrats.

  • Karl's avatar

    Congrats, Arica!

  • Paul's avatar

    congrats, awesome job. 👌

  • David's avatar

    nice job Arica! Congrats!

  • Steve's avatar

    Awesome! Congratulations!

  • Jason's avatar

    Well done young lady!!!

  • John's avatar


  • Terry's avatar

    Congratulations on your first buck and a lifetime memory

  • Rick's avatar

    Awesome congrats

  • Brad's avatar


  • Jon's avatar

    Congrats and a well deserved buck! Can't wait to see what the future holds for ya

  • Turtle's avatar

    Well done!

  • Arica's avatar

    @Tiffiny thank you! You’ve stories and post always inspire me. Thank you for that.

  • Arica's avatar

    @Eddie the squirrels will never end.

  • Arica's avatar

    @Fit thank you Jeremy!!

  • Arica's avatar

    @Amy wahooo. Thank you! Ladies like you keep me pushing!

  • Arica's avatar

    @Jon thank you!

  • Dave's avatar

    Dandy buck congratulations 👊🏼👊🏼

  • Mary ann's avatar


  • Lisa's avatar

    Fantastic, Arica! Congratulations!🤜🏼🤛🏼

  • Joe's avatar

    Congratulations 👌

  • Adam D's avatar

    That is awesome! Congratulations! I tend to learn "milestones" or different important lessons each season. This year I my main take away was playing the wind, leaving scent and trying to get in too close. Congratulations. All deer are good deer and you'll enjoy the meat for sure!

  • Keith's avatar


  • Larry's avatar

    congratulations!!!! the hard earned ones are always the best ones in the end. going out on opening morning and tagging out 15 minutes later doesn't each you much about hunting or about yourself. always better to battle tested!!! congratulations!!!

  • Arica's avatar

    @Adam thank you! @Brayden talked about trying to get in too close this year too.

  • Arica's avatar

    @Lisa thank you!!! Appreciate it.

  • Arica's avatar

    @Mary thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Arica's avatar

    @Larry that’s a good point!

  • Jackie's avatar

    Congrats Arica!!!

  • Appalachian's avatar

    Hey good job! Glad to hear you are plotting for next year as well. That's what it's about building on experience and applying it on the next hunt.

  • Arica's avatar

    @Appalachian yes! Trying to piece it together as I go!

  • Appalachian's avatar

    @Arica I use the the analogy of creating a sculpture, each day is a chip away at the slab. That's a fine deer and I hope you enjoy the bounty! Good luck in your next pursuit!

  • Jonathan's avatar

    congratulations those dang Hoosier bucks can be tough sometimes.
    a few years ago when my wife and I still lived up there my wife went three seasons without taking a shot. congratulations again.

  • Derick's avatar

    congratulations nice deer

  • Arica's avatar

    @Jonathan I thought I was gonna go another season until I got this one. Close!

  • Ferg's avatar

    Congrats Arica, one to look back on for sure eh. Sounds like a season full of the real deal hunting experiences. 😎

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Arica J

Director of Member Experiences @ GoWild Camping // Gardening // Family // Kayaking // Newbie to Bass Fishing // First Time Hunter in 2020 😊

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