Learning and Longing

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  • Jamie's avatar

    Welcome aboard! 👍

  • Kae's avatar

    @Jamie thanks!

  • David's avatar

    Welcome come to the GoWild family. I'm wishing I was fishing too!

  • Brian's avatar

    Welcome aboard!

  • Stephen's avatar

    What area of Wyoming are you in?

  • Kae's avatar

    @Stephen Northern

  • Kae's avatar

    @Stephen Y’all are based out of Laramie correct? I’ve heard about your outfit! All y’all do great work!

  • Stephen's avatar

    @Kae that’s awesome to you have heard about us. Yes, we are based in Laramie.

  • Kae's avatar

    @Stephen Wyoming is small lol everyone is connected some way, shape, or form! And being a first responder, I run with a crowd of veterans and military. There’s been a few that have mentioned your outfit and saying great things about it.

  • Stephen's avatar

    That’s awesome. Thank you for letting me know.

  • Ben's avatar

    Same here

  • Benita's avatar

    Well how cute are you...👍🏼

  • Kae's avatar

    @Benita thank you ☺️

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Ems, Camping, fishing, shooting, hiking, just going on adventures with my kids

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