Law Enforcement Under Fire: A Cop's Perspective on Accountability and Growth

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  • Jarrod's avatar

    I feel you brother. God bless you for devoting your life to your country and community. 👊

  • Mike's avatar

    @Jarrod thank you sir, glad to do it, especially for folks like yourself that get it👊

  • Tom's avatar

    Well said and my thoughts exactly. It’s time for the adults to take back the country.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Tom thanks man, and yessir, the ignorance that is dominating the day has to stop. The black man that tackled a “protester” when he attacked a white cop needs more air time. He’s a hero and I’d go to war with him any day. But that makes people think. And God knows that a certain political party doesn’t want people to think on their own. Sheep vs sheepdogs. Now that’s a diversion that makes them drool.

  • Kenneth's avatar

    Mike !! Well done ! There’s a whole lot more people that have your back. That aren’t ignorant. You just carry that confidence. We are here .

  • Tom's avatar

    Unfortunately any counter protests would be portrayed as racist and bigoted. We need leaders with large enough nads to start calling out all the hypocrites and investigating where the backing is coming from for these rioters and expose them for the treasonous turncoats they are. I thank God I’m in a small relatively conservative town.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Kenneth thanks boss. I appreciate that. The other day I had someone call me a POS (couldn’t look me in the eye though), and then later when I got to the window of a drive-thru at a fast food joint because I was out too late to pack a lunch, I was told the car ahead of me paid for it. Talk about a roller coaster, haha.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Brent Link thanks man, and absolutely 👊. Politics is the source of all evil, not money. Power comes from controlling, not truly enabling.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Tom no question. Look at the recent firings of people that have stated nothing but provable facts. “Political correctness” really means that the sheep have followed the shepherds. But not THE shepherd. Just the self appointed ones. I thank God I live in a similar community for the most part, but also that I’m appointed by an elected official. I know Chiefs that are certain they will be fired soon, simply as pawns in an appeasement game, because some cowardly city council needs a scapegoat....🤬

  • Derrek's avatar

    Man thanks for all you do and have done. Your train of thought is spot on! 👊🏻

  • Matt's avatar

    Good on ya, @Mike . Words don't hit deep enough to mean what I'm getting at here, but thank you. Thank you to you and ALL your blue brothers and sisters out there sticking your asses on the line every day for both people that GET and APPRECIATE you, but even for the dinks that don't. You don't care, you strap on that belt and badge every day not knowing what PC shitstorm you're gonna have to weather before your clock time ends for the day. You've got my respect and gratitude, my dude. You and all the good ones like you.

  • Larry's avatar

    Thanks for all you do👍

  • Shaun's avatar

    I agree with everything you say and thank you for your efforts to keep us safe@Mike

  • Mike's avatar

    @Derrek appreciate it man👊

  • Mike's avatar

    @Matt thank you sir. If we could only get people to understand it’s about character and not color or profession, we’d be miles ahead. 👊

  • Mike's avatar

    @Larry yessir, and thank you

  • Mike's avatar

    @Shaun appreciate that Shaun👊

  • John's avatar

    You’re right on brother! Agree with you completely 👊 Thank you for your service & for trying to keep your community safe 🚔

  • Mike's avatar

    @John thank you sir. Hopefully we all figure it out some day

  • Mike's avatar

    @Cory Fels got that right brother. I’ve been retirement eligible for 2 yrs now, but I’m staying for a bit because I love a challenge. Plus, I’ve always said “you lose the right to bitch about something if you’re not part of the solution.” Thanks for your service man. 👊

  • Brad's avatar

    You got my support brother. 👊

  • Mike's avatar

    @Brad thanks boss👊. Appreciate ya.

  • Chuck's avatar

    Rant on man. Standing beside you in your beliefs and so appreciate what your profession sacrifices so that my family is protected.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Chuck thanks Chuck, appreciate you man👊

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