Startup Success: A Kennel Story

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  • Kendel's avatar

    You should be damn proud!

  • Darrin's avatar

    @Lauren Good job! You obviously have the desire to be successful at all of this and the work ethic to keep going until it happens. Keep it up!! This may not mean much coming from an old Missouri Redneck, I’m proud of you!

  • Lauren's avatar

    @Darrin thank you I really do appreciate the support and acknowledgment!

  • Doug's avatar

    that is a very cool picture

  • Lindsey's avatar

    You really do a great job!! You’re an excellent role model for others in the sport and industry!

  • Lauren's avatar

    @Lindsey thank you! I sure try to be real, honest, and wholesome!

  • Joe's avatar

    Just out of curiosit, what are you gonna do with all those coon hides? I didn’t think there was a market for them.

  • Lauren's avatar

    @Joe I’ve already sold half that lot. I got $10-$15 for the good ones

  • Lauren's avatar

    @Joe I’m going to end up tanning 15-20 hides for making items

  • Joe's avatar

    That’s great! Did you get that price because they’re big, thick Wisconsin coon? I wonder how they sell in other states?

  • Lauren's avatar

    @Joe correct. North central 3-5x prime good color (not too early and not too late in season) are desired and other regions are of no value. Many I brought in were just too late in season and had gotten too yellow/red.

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Lauren V


First generation houndsman, hunter, trapper, chicken lady. Brew City Blue Hounds!

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