Laughing at the Instagram Lifestyle: My Thoughts on Social Media

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  • Eric's avatar

    Aint it a shame!

  • Marcus's avatar

    I can think of posts I’d rather see this warning on...

  • Lisa's avatar

    As IF we all aren't mature enough to make decisions on what we view. It "WAS" like having an unwanted babysitter 🤪

  • Will's avatar

    Haha I'm new on here so I just spent 2 minutes trying to get the video to play haha

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Will 🤣😂🤣 Too funny, Will! 😉👍🏻 You'll fit in justtttt fineeee. Ha

  • Brad's avatar

    @Will 🤣 sorry man we don’t censor hunting and fishing videos here

  • Jeff's avatar

    I don't even want to start my rant about the hypocrisy of rest of the social media folks. 🙄

  • Brad's avatar

    @Jeff 🤣

  • James's avatar

    Won’t open

  • Brad's avatar

    @James it’s a joke on Facebook it’s just a picture not a video

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