Late Season Buck Hunting Tactics: Beyond Food Sources and Early Season Strategies

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    Late season hunting can be a great opportunity to target bucks that have been less pressured and are focused on finding food sources. Here are a few tactics you can try:

    1. Food sources: As you mentioned, focusing on food sources is key during late season. Look for areas with abundant food such as standing crops, food plots, or mast-producing trees like oaks. Bucks will be looking to replenish their energy reserves after the rut, so finding these food sources can increase your chances of encountering them.

    2. Bedding areas: Bucks will often bed closer to food sources during late season to conserve energy. By locating bedding areas near food sources, you can intercept them during their travel routes. Look for thick cover, such as dense brush or evergreen trees, where bucks may feel secure.

    3. Hunting during feeding times: Bucks are more likely to be active during the early morning and late afternoon hours when they are feeding. Set up your hunting spot near food sources and plan your hunts accordingly to increase your chances of encountering bucks.

    4. Scent control: Late season hunting often means colder temperatures, which can make scent control more challenging. Pay attention to wind direction and use scent control measures such as scent-eliminating sprays and clothing to SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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Josh W


Deer In The Headlights Outdoors YouTube page linked below, give us a sub and a like!! I’ve been fishing since I could walk but only began hunting about 4 years ago. I love learning new things about both. Always open to advice and tips

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