Coyote Hunting: A Missed Opportunity?

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    Me every day and twice on Sunday

  • Bourbon &'s avatar

    I always kill yotes. Anytime anywhere. I have also had deer come in after and stomp them.

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    Me every time it is in my killing range had a fawn few years ago laying in crp grass 30 yards from my stand and a yote came in and smelled in and started to slip in on it and I killed him and at dark the doe came back got her fawn and they walked off

  • Matt's avatar

    End em! A bow is fairly quiet. Shoot and leave it until you leave. Then you still have a change at your Deer.

  • Isaac's avatar

    In a heartbeat

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  • Darren's avatar

    Every time we made it a rule where I hunt

  • Joshua's avatar

    Doesn’t matter what I’m hunting, if it’s see a coyote I’m coyote hunting then

  • Brian's avatar

    I have more than once.

  • Will's avatar

    predator control is beneficial for the deer herd in your area

  • Roger's avatar

    Coyote first deer second

  • Rich's avatar

    I would

  • Mark's avatar

    Did last week. coyote was trailing a young doe early in the hunt about 4:30 pm and got himself dusted. Didn't see anything else after the shot. I'm good with that!

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