Double Up: A Successful Hunt

  • Brad's avatar

    Congrats that’s great!

  • Kyle's avatar

    @Brad thanks Brad! 👊🏻

  • Brad's avatar

    Proof that when the wife says go hunt you go hunt! Congrats 👊🏻

  • Kyle's avatar

    @Brad Haha hell ya man!!

  • Mike's avatar

    Congrats man! 👊

  • Kyle's avatar

    @Mike 😂 tried to follow your good story telling.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Kyle far surpassed it man 👍

  • Judah's avatar

    Nice buck congrats

  • Kyle's avatar

    @Judah thanks man!

  • AZ's avatar

    Very nice man!

  • David's avatar

    Awesome story! Now that's a honey-do when the wife tells you "Go hunting." Congratulations on a beautiful buck!🦌👍👊

  • Kyle's avatar

    @David hahah that’s a good one, didn’t think of it that way!

  • Kyle's avatar

    @AZ 👊🏻 thank you sir!

  • Antler Up's avatar

    Love it man!! Congrats again!!

  • Kyle's avatar

    @Antler thanks man! I didn’t realize till just now that my story must have been to long and met the character limit and cut it off lol I wrote in the notes app and copied it over.

  • Kyle's avatar

    Here is the rest of the story that got cut off lol The shot broke and hit high perfectly just behind the shoulder, the arrow penetrated deep, and the 2” sevr got both lungs. He bolted and here comes the doe running from behind me to see what’s going on. The doe stopped in the exact same spot as the buck so I had to take the opportunity. Nocked an arrow and shot her the exact same way and only ran 20-30 yards and piled up. The buck ended up going 250 yards without lungs. What a tank!

    First time hung with a mobile set up and it paid off big time!

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Kyle M


Christian, Student of archery, Critter pursuer, Projectile enthusiast, 3D printing, 🇺🇸 Side Hustle: Morr Innovations

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