Killing Coons to Protect Sweet Corn: My Dogs' Lackluster Performance

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  • rifle
  • 12 lbs 8 oz
  • 28
    body length (in)
  • yes
    pursued with hounds
  • private
    land type
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    A tree is a tree. Assuming your area is like ours. There is more coon than ever. And colder temps make less critters moving. I’d say you should shoot out the good and the bad trees. My 2 cents

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    @Mighty I don’t think we have coon like you do but a little thinning on the farms doesn’t hurt the population. I don’t shoot many on the public ground as it’s harder to get treed there. We had a few good tracks just putting the right tree on the end was our issue last night lol

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    I hunt public only. I could probably get permission on some private, but I have a lot of public near me. I guess I have it pretty good.

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    @Mighty I have very little public ground around me and only a few farms so I try and make sure I leave some for seed

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