Native Trout Bait: What to Use?

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    The best type of bait to use for native trout around this time of year is worms, small minnows, and salmon eggs. You can also try using artificial lures such as spinners, spoons, and jigs. Good luck! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    @SquatchBot ok thank you will have to go back out and try again

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    You're welcome! Best of luck out there!

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    I don’t trout fish much but definitely every @sqyatchBot said and also any insects in that area. Try flipping over rock(on land and in the water) and looking for insects.

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    @Jackson 👍🏼

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    Yeah it was already said but worms, like a really small rapala minnow, or rooster tails. I seem to have the most luck with pink or white rooster tails.

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    I would recommend a jig or some worms

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    I like to use spoons or roosters I primarily like those

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    If your fly fishin pheasant tail or bead headed prince nymph

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    are you fly fishing or on reel? and are you shoreline or do you have waders?

    this time of year I like to use a mid sized streamer on my fly rod. not too big that it spooks them, but also big enough that the fish are willing to exert energy to take it. white/red or white/purple are my go-tos. I don't know if it actually matters, but I like having that purple or red to break up what could easily be mistaken as just be another chunk of snow floating by. probably matters more to me than it does the fish, lol.

    patience is key this time of year tho. their metabolism is slower, so they're not very active. and don't waste your time early morning or late afternoon. mid day, when the sun is hitting those slower pools is your best bet... at least here in NH anyway. but totally worth it when you do land one!

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    @Matt I’m reel fishing I had a nice one native hooked last week I lost it tho

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    My go to is a TROUT MAGNET in gold

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    @Kile pick up some waders. Game changer.

    also - if you're on reel then I would recommend picking up a Trout Magnet rubber lure set, as well as some Panther Martins or Rooster Tail spinners.

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    I like to use spawn on a float. try to make sure its flowing the speed of the current so it looks realistic. have a 2-4 lb test fluoro leader and let the current take it. I do have salmon spawn which works but I have had better luck with Lake trout or brown trout spawn. Best of luck.

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    @Matt ok I have waders I only fish these little streams by my house nothing big till summer

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    @Kile if they are legal, salmon eggs are usually a good bet.

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    I use Meal worms in streams and under the ice works pretty well.

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    trout twitching jigs seem to work really good for me with some of the bigger trout. and my go to spinner is the black and gold panther martin and I have also found that using a all red and pretty small steelhead jig with just a little worm on it seems to work great. also if you want more info on the trout twitching jigs just look up bill Herzog angler west tv on YouTube or look up bill Herzog addicted fishing on YouTube and you should find everything you need

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    fly fishing is my #1 option, bugs are a BIG part of their diet

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