Heart & Liver Recipes: A Beginner's Guide

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    I usually just trim the fat and strings off the heart and then cut it following the natural seams. Should give you 3 decent size steaks that I cook in butter, S&P and some garlic. Comes out great! The liver I slice up in thin strips, lightly flour and cook with bacon and onions 👍🏻

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  • From Field's avatar

    I love using deer liver for boudin

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    Steven rinella did a few really neat recipes using various hearts on YouTube. Some simple some more elegant.

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    heart fajitas!!!

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    Can’t beat a cleaned heart that is sliced up and fried in butter. Just don’t over cook the meat! Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

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    My sister in law cleans out heart inside, fills it up with rice and veggies, then bakes it upright in the oven . Kind of like a stuffed bell pepper

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    One of my fav. I use heart, kidney, and liver.

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    best one for liver

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    Top the heart separate the chambers inside follow the natural seams with your knife to flatten it into a cutlet add coffee, chili salt, pepper, garlic, and lightly bred than pan fry

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    Trim the heart and make tacos and the liver is really really good for one thing… dog food

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    They are prime looking organs

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    @From what’s boudin

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    The old timers at deer camp used to boil the cleaned heart slice it up and put in the juice from the jalapeños they made poppers in the night before and let set for a couple of days and then feast on the pickled heard while playing cards.

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    @Joshua a killer Cajun sausage

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    Thanks all, ended up with great tacos, and a liver pate that was delicious!

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