Kayak Fishing: Questions Answered

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Question For The Community
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    What’s your thoughts on trolling motors?

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    @Arne I went so long without my newport motor. here is my take on it after the 5 months of using it.
    I think these are great for people who heavily practice for national events like myself. it saves my legs for Saturday/Sunday events. my legs would be shot by Friday cause I peddled hard for 9-10 miles every day.
    Also great for anglers who have a disability, such as service members, veterans, etc.
    or just want to buy it cause you can.

    On the national tournament level, on the actual tournament days, I don't think motors should be allowed. even the playing field across the board, because not everyone can budget for one, which the HOBIE Bass Open Series has this rule in place, and they are considered the ELITE trail in the US. we're not in bass boats with 250 Yamaha motors, so it's a big deal for someone to get to a spot before another angler.

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    I’m just an old guy who doesn’t get the exercise he should. New to Knoxville area, thinking kayak would be great way to explore the area & whoever built the driveway at my new house had no intention of getting a trailer over the drop off next to street….

  • Kyler's avatar

    @Arne the good news is, if you get a trailer for a kayak, it's super light. can even use an old jetski trailer!
    getting a kayak for exercise is a great idea. I would suggest a pedal drive, just to keep the mobility in your hips, knees, and lower back.
    this way you can also take a fishing pole with you and fish while you exercise. knocking out two birds with one stone!

  • Kyler's avatar

    @Arne my entire family lives in Lenior City(way west knoxville)
    I can shoot you a message, next time I am down, we can go to Tellico and let you mess around in my Hobie Kayak if you want!

  • Arne's avatar

    That sounds great! Thank you. I’m currently working out of state, should be back in April. Also ready to try out turkey hunting, never been(no turkey in Alaska) but my buddy & his son in Knoxville are gonna take me when I get back, excited to give it a go!

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    @Arne my father just recently got into as well! he's pumped up about getting out this spring

  • Arne's avatar

    @Kyler I’m excited to see water in liquid form again, -20 here …

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    I’m stealing “garage princess” 😂

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    @Kyler really cool gesture man!!

  • Kyler's avatar

    @Ryan all about community brother!

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