Overcoming Target Panic: My Story

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    I wondered if the other post cut off, haha. Another good way to finish is to go back in and pop it in the comments. Don’t be discouraged man, those things happen. I’ll be 55 this summer and just bought a saddle system this year also. Definitely a slightly different game when it comes to shooting from, but I have a feeling it’ll pay off big time in the long run with mobility, etc.

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    @Mike thanks for the reply and the advice on how to finish a long-winded post! I will get my shooting funk figured out. Good to hear from another “seasoned” bow hunter! Best of luck in the years to come!

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    @JT not long winded, just a good story👊. Feel like I’m 25 but I’ve been bow hunting for over 40 yrs😳. Best of luck to you as well man!

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    The best thing about having a hunting season end is that it gives you a break mentally and physically . You can adjust, tweak and fix techniques, equipment etc! Don’t get discouraged! You get to start fresh next season 👍

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    @Kayla thanks for the encouragement!

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