Joseph Leos Sr.'s Successful Bear Hunt in California

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  • Jordan's avatar

    I thought they banned bear hunting out there?

  • Joseph's avatar

    @Jordan no they did not. They tried and it did not pass. They have a 1700 quota. I’m heading out to California in September to try and fill my tag this year.

  • Jordan's avatar

    @Joseph that’s awesome man!! I’d love to go hunt out there from all the pictures I’ve seen it looks like some pretty country!

  • Joseph's avatar

    @Jordan it’s absolutely beautiful

  • Joseph's avatar

    @Jordan This is my happy place when I go out there. This is the northern sierras called Saint Mary’s Grade. We camp the first night at the bottom and then hike up to the top of this mountain. It’s about a 6hr hike and you end up at about 10,000 feet when you get to the top. I absolutely love it.

  • Jordan's avatar

    @Joseph dude that looks like a painting! That’s is absolutely beautiful I feel like when you hunt in a place like that your incapable of having a “unsuccessful” hunt.

  • Joseph's avatar

    @Jordan I will definitely take more pictures this September and post them. That picture was taken with a cheap Samsung phone as we were climbing the mountain. I have upgraded to an iPhone so I will definitely have better camera quality the next go around .

  • John's avatar

    @Joseph Gorgeous.

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Joseph L


Hunting and fishing and spending time with my family. To me there is nothing better then being in GODS COUNTRY.

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