Join Us at Iowa Deer Classic!

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    See you there

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    @Jim heck yeah!

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    @Okayest where's it at?

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    Just saw this post. I'm thinking about now, just got back from the Deer Turkey and Waterfowl Expo yesterday in Indiana. Got the Illinois Deer Classic March 31-April2. Would like to meet ya'll, we'll see.

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    @Jim I'm really thinking of coming now. Once you purchase the online ticket do you have to print it out to use it or can you just use it on your phone at the door?

  • Jim's avatar

    @David my understanding is that you can just use your phone

  • David's avatar

    @Jim cool. That'll work, thanks. The one here in IL you have to print out. I'm looking at coming out on Saturday, if your there just keep an eye out for me wearing the new GoWild hoodie and Green Buck hat.

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    @David excited to see ya there!

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