My Skillet Restoration Journey

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  • Brian's avatar

    Love those old skillets.

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    @Brian Liked this one so much, bought another two in differs sizes!

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  • Lisa's avatar

    Just glad you're back.
    Cool skillet...we have one here, but it is a smaller one, from what I can tell

  • Joey's avatar

    @Lisa Hello! And thanks. Sorry for disappearing… What’d I miss? Lol! Got me some catching up to do.😁

  • Lisa's avatar

    You missed everything!!🤣😅😉
    But it does concern a person when some of our regular folks disappear without any warning. Right now, Shem is missing. I called and left a message, no luck. Gave his number to Stephen Boyles (I think I'm remembering Stephen's last name right).
    That's all I got. lol

  • Joey's avatar

    @Lisa Haha! Yeah, I hadn’t run across any of Shem’s posts. Well, hope all is well with him, and we’ll hear from him soon.

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Joey R


“The world’s big, and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” - John Muir Clock’s ticking. So many amazing and beautiful places to see and experience before the sun goes down. 📸🏔 🎒🍳🎣🥾🏹🛶🪓🔪🦶🏿🏕

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