Creative Walking Stick Ideas

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Question For The Community
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    These are awesome! What about a cobra head or a gator?

  • David's avatar

    A wolf, bison, trout, bass,

  • Jim's avatar

    Nice! Maybe the head of different dog breeds. A lot of people love their dogs and walk them . You could have like a hunting breed series and tracking and so on. Just a thought.

  • Trevor's avatar

    I like the bass jumping out of water idea

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  • Joe's avatar

    Do lots of snakes crawling up a tree to eat a rodent or something

  • Jesse's avatar

    @Trevor thats a really good idea I’ll have to look into how to make that and think it up

  • Jesse's avatar

    @Coyote nice idea never really thought about snakes but it would look cool

  • Jesse's avatar

    @Michael that’s an awesome idea definitely have to make some thanks!

  • Jesse's avatar

    @Jim that’s a really good idea lots of dog owners would love that thanks

  • Jim's avatar

    @Jesse you bet!

  • Coyote's avatar

    I deal with them for people sometimes.

  • Coyote's avatar

    By that I mean capture and relocate, I like snake so I don’t hurt them.

  • Jesse's avatar

    @Coyote that’s awesome I don’t really like snakes about that much but would love to carve some

  • Coyote's avatar

    There’s a lot in my profile if you want to look.

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