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Question For The Community
  • Brayden's avatar

    Frog for me! I love seeing the frog get bit!

  • Blake's avatar

    Definitely a black frog

  • Edison's avatar

    I’ve never got anything on a frog I don’t know why

  • Top water frog

  • Brian's avatar

    Frog or Devils horse

  • Jeff's avatar

    @Brian I have never thrown a Devil horse I think I might need to pick up a couple

  • Brian's avatar

    @Jeff probably my favorite top water lure.👍

  • Lawrence's avatar

    I like a black frog and I bend the hooks up a 1/4 in. Yes I get up a tad, but I land more fish

  • Jeff's avatar

    @Lawrence i will also use a frog trailer hook if they are short striking it

  • Evan's avatar

    Top water jerk bait

  • Shane's avatar

    I use a top water frog with a trailer hook

  • Jeff's avatar

    @Shane I use a trailer on my frogs also

  • Dayton's avatar

    Googan filthy frog or Berkeley chartreuse is good

  • Kayden's avatar

    Green froggie with the realistic legs

  • Chad's avatar

    Frog for me.

  • Christopher's avatar

    Hula popper

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Jeff F


Owner and official product tester of Sickstix custom plastix a small custom bait company located in central Florida. otherwise just a hack out trying to catch some fish!!!

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