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  • John's avatar

    Cherish every moment. The doc handed me my little girl the other day and she will be 10 next week. Lol. It gos by to fast.

  • Ross's avatar

    Congratulations! Shes adorable! ❤️🤠

  • Brian's avatar

    She's so precious, but the grow up so fast,my daughter is now 42, and it seems like just yesterday I was holding her for the first time. Enjoy every moment with her while you can.

  • David's avatar

    Congrats! I'm going to echo the "it goes by to fast" sentiment. Take lots of pictures and enjoy every minute.

  • Jeanine's avatar

    @David and video too I was recommended! Especially with how easy it is to do with cell phones nowadays

  • Wade's avatar

    Congratulations to y’all!

  • Derek's avatar

    I don't know why I didn't see this sooner, but that's so great! Congratulations!

  • Jeanine's avatar

    @Derek thanks! It’s going by too quick! She’s gained 2 pounds and 3” in the first month already 😳😢

  • Derek's avatar

    @Jeanine good! That's a healthy baby!

  • Tom's avatar

    Each one is a miracle. Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl. Time will fly take advantage of every moment.

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