Catching History: My First Black Alabama

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    I have caught 3 in about 10 years of trapping. Makes a pretty soft hide. Keep after them. I had a male and female pair.

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    @Trey This was a male, I’ve got pictures of some other so I may get lucky and get another.

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    That’s really cool. Our season doesn’t open for a couple of weeks but I’m definitely ready to get after them again. Congratulations

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    @Jay The male is on the left. The female on the right. The bobcats are case skinned so that's why they look so little. I would have 2 traps set where you caught him. About 15 or 20 feet apart and 2 different sets. You will get her!

  • Trey's avatar

    Keep after them!

  • Blakley's avatar

    Black phase is very cool! Do you keep the furs? Or just killing for predator control? Most people I know around here and just doing it for control and don’t use any of the animal( which is fine not trying to bash that at all) just curious...and where in bama?? (If u don’t mind me asking that is !)

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    @Blakley I keep them and use as much as I can from them. The black one is going to the taxidermist. I have the furs tanned, save the skulls, use glands for lure, use the meat from some animals in trapping baits. There is a lot you can do with them. Southern fur gets talked about as being worthless because it doesn’t bring much at auction but it’s still plenty good to me. I’m in Piedmont, just east of Jacksonville.

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