Successful Deer Rifle Season!

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Family Rifle Season

Whitetail Doe

  • rifle
  • private
    land type
  • 70
    distance (yards)
  • Tyler's avatar

    Nice job congratulations 💪💪

  • Jarrod's avatar

    @Tyler thanks

  • Mitchell's avatar

    That’s a nice fat doe!! Congrats fella

  • Dennis's avatar

    Just logged back on. That is a great sized doe.

  • Jarrod's avatar

    @Mitchell thank you, she’ll make some tasty jerky

  • Jarrod's avatar

    @Dennis thank you, got her processed last week and just waiting till late season ends to make up the goodies

  • Dennis's avatar

    Check out Martins in Lancaster if you can. They make venison bacon. The flavor is a cross between pork roll and bacon. I have given it to many people over the last two years and it has never disappointed. For every pound of venison you get about 2 lbs of venison bacon.

  • Jarrod's avatar

    @Dennis as much as I would like to go to Lancaster more often, love me some archery, it is about 4.5 hour trip each way

  • Mitchell's avatar

    @Jarrod yes she will! Venison is delicious.

  • Joe's avatar

    F*ck joe biden

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Jarrod G


Husband. Father. Outdoorsman. I started hunting later in life, I was 30, my now wife’s family got me involved and I haven’t looked back since. Whitetail, bear, turkey and small game are target species here in PA. Like many hunters I keep buying into that elk draw, but don’t feel like I’m getting any closer.

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