Tebo Creek Mtn Curs: 50 Raccoons!

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  • The Curs you’ve got seem to be some sure enough Coon Dogs! Good Job!

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    @Stephen thanks. We sure like our curs. I’m not sure they’re any better than anyone else’s coondogs. We just have plenty of good places to hunt and plenty of raccoon. We are fortunate to be able to get outdoors and enjoy them. 👍

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    That's awesome, congratulations! 👊 👍

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    @Brandon Mitchell they aren’t for everyone, but we like them. They are easy handling silent on track dogs. Hunt in anywhere 200-800 yards deep. They will tree anything you want them to.

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    Yes they will open on a really hot track or when looking at it. These are 30-45lb. These pups might fill out to 50lbs.

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    @Brandon Mitchell

  • @Jared Your Welcome, they get the job done and look like they do a good job, it’s nice when you have good places to hunt. I’ve got one good spot for Deer and Coons but I have to drive about a hour to get there. There’s not many Coons around my house.

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I enjoy spending time and sharing experiences in the wild and show appreciation for what he created for us.

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