Hard Work Pays Off!

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    congratulations on your buck!

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    @Billy thank you!

  • James's avatar

    @Mark thank you very much

  • Sounds like an eventful hunt! Cherry on top getting to seal the deal. Congrats!

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    Nice one, congratulations! 👊 👍

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    @Brian thanks man!

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    @Whiskey it was a great sit and for once the deer moved like I thought they would.

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    Well done, brother!!

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    @Gobbler thanks buddy finally came together even with the short time to hunt!

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    @Mason thanks man!

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    Great story, coming full circle like that to make the shot and have it succeed is huge! Congrats man!

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    @James those make for the best hunts!

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    @Joe it was for sure a great feeling. Thank you!

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    Congratulations James! Great buck. Love the Day Six hat! 👊🏼

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    @Miles thank you! I love the Day Six Arrows. Their customer service is top notch and are super high quality arrows. I have been rocking a heavy set up, right around 600 grains including the 125 grain head, and I could not be happier with them.

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    @James I have the same feelings and experiences. 620ish TAW with their EVO-X 125g head…. Nothing compares in my opinion.

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James L

New York

Husband, Father of two beautiful girls, Police Officer.

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