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    For me personally I like to fish near downed trees with something that would be there like a frog. If your fishing a really rocky area I usually fish a crawfish lure and it works for me. One last thing don’t use a lure in a place that something won’t be like don’t fish a frog in the middle of a 20 foot deep lake with no vegetation.

  • Isaac's avatar

    @Michael thank you for the input

  • Jim's avatar

    Soft plastic worms are a great place to start. Google wacky rig. It’s a basic technique that will get you catching bass in no time. Green pumpkin color is a great color that will work just about anywhere. A great classic topwater lure is a jitterbug. It floats and wobbles on the surface as you retrieve it. If you want to try spinnerbaits, get a white one..any white one. You’ll want to learn some knots too. Learn a Palomar knot and an improved clinch knot. Feel free to message me if you have questions, or if You need any help.

  • Isaac's avatar

    @Jim thank you I will try those things out and I definitely need to learn a better knot. Would a trout rod and reel work? I know it obviously would work but what is the point in buying a different rod for different type of fish? Is there a point in spending more money on baitcasters and different rods?

  • Jim's avatar

    @Isaac a trout rod and reel would work great for a wacky worm. Usually trout setups are ultralight for getting small in line spinners to cast out far. You could pick up a Shakespeare combo at Walmart for pretty cheap. It will work until you figure out what you’re doing. The rod is an important part to the equation. A medium action spinning rod will be stiffer and have the “backbone” to get a good hookset on bass. A baitcaster is something to hold off on until you’re really good with spinning gear.

  • Jim's avatar

    Basically, the bigger the fish species you’re targeting, the stiffer rod.

  • Isaac's avatar

    @Jim I already have a pretty inexpensive ugly stick so I will stick with that until I get the hang of what I’m doing. Thanks again for the help I will definitely go to you if I have any further questions. Thanks

  • Jim's avatar

    @Isaac any time! The ugly stick is perfect!

  • Christopher's avatar

    Med heavy rod .10lb test line, and try all kinds of baits.

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