Is this the beginning of a drop tine?

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  • Chace's avatar

    I think so

  • Bradley's avatar

    Looks like a broken/damaged G3 to me.

  • Derek's avatar

    I'm with Bradley. Probably injured it. Hard to tell in the picture though.

  • Sam's avatar

    Definitely broken

  • Wade's avatar

    His g3 got broken in velvet. It’ll grow sideways. I killed one like that a couple years ago

  • Ricky's avatar

    Broken G3 and dangling from velvet still holding it

  • Wade's avatar

    See his g2

  • Tom's avatar

    Poor rack just had ED. They make a pill for that 🤣

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Bradley same here

  • Mike's avatar

    The injured G3 votes are spot on

  • O2's avatar

    @Tom 🤣🤣🤣

  • O2's avatar

    Thanks all. I hope to see how he shakes out. First for me on a trail cam photo

  • Jax's avatar

    No he broke his tine so it will grow crooked

  • Jeff's avatar

    It looks like it is bent over and hanging.

  • Bizzell Bunch's avatar

    Broken. May fall off.

  • brayden's avatar

    I killed an 8 pointer a few years ago had the same thing, jus a broken tine

  • Chris's avatar

    Broken tine gets my vote

  • Carrie's avatar

    Looks broken to me...but hard to really tell. :(

  • Jessop's avatar

    Looks like it broke

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