Is this a One-Horned Deer or Just Blurry?

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    It looks like I can s a g2 tine at least on the right side.

  • Barry's avatar

    He looks like he’s sheared off his right beam. I’ve got a few of these running around, as well. Knocking heads while rutting and you get antler destruction. I’d let him pass and get after him pre-rut next year when he’s got full headgear. 🙂

  • Chace's avatar

    K thank you @Natural and @Barry

  • Chuck's avatar

    Looks like one horn and broke off right side. Am starting to see lots of broken tines on the game cameras

  • Mike's avatar

    It’s there, but even with adjusting the settings it’s hard to see. With photos like this, you can adjust the brightness/exposure/sharpness/contrast, etc and see things that don’t show on the normal resolution. Movement is especially hard to dial in, but you can see the outline of the main frame here

  • Chris's avatar

    Looks like it broke off a side

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